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Gracie Johnson Sweet 16

Gracie is the sweetest. The session was in the Brawley walkway connecting Summers Street and Capitol Street in Charleston, WV. It's a cute location and a hot spot for photographers. I always park in the parking garage right beside it, so I was waiting in the alley a few minutes early. Gracie texted me a few minutes before her appointment and said they missed the parking garage and were turning around. I waited, and waited and started to get a bit worried. Then I saw her and Micah coming up the alley from Summers street side. They parked several blocks away at the Town Center and walked! That's a bit of a walk. I think Micah had a bit of PTSD from turning down a one way street wrong. According to him, Gracie is not to be trusted as the GPS enforcer! She agreed. The session was light and funny. Gracie was a pro at posing (Micah, not so much) and it was so much fun when we hit up Ellen's Ice Cream shop for the final pictures. Gracie, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I hope it's filled with as much laughter as we had during our session.

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