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Sarah Davis

This session was one that I had been wanting to do all Summer. I love water and I especially love the Elk River here in WV. I had been looking for the perfect spot for so long and one day as I was driving over this bridge I looked over and saw this spot and just knew this was it. Next was finding someone to experiment with me. I have known this young lady's mom since grade school and I've watched her grow up over social media from her momma's posts. I had a gut feeling that she would follow me and trust my vision for this shoot and boy was a right. Jill followed me to the location, which was a bit sketchy I won't lie. We carefully climbed down the hillside and landed right in the Elk, with the help of the younger generation. I told Jill I was crazy because I was too old to do this stuff. It was an adventure, for sure. Walking in what felt like quick sand and slipping all over. The main spot I really wanted was out of reach. I was scared to death of dropping my camera in the river so I wouldn't chance much, but we ended up with a spectacular spot. Sarah gave me her "A" game and really enjoyed playing around and having fun with it. I could not wait to get home and edit these and I got the first couple done immediately and I was ecstatic. I think Sarah discovered that she is a beautiful young lady that the camera loves.

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