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New things are happening at the Walker house, as far as rearranging things go. I've always been interested in doing studio work, but I tell ya it is intimidating. After meeting up with Jeremy and Cathleen Burns, I am diving head first into it.

My kids have a playroom that is over the garage that they pretty much use as a dumping spot. Kids, right? I decided to take it over, since they were not taking care of their space. I ordered some studio lighting and it got delivered this week. I put it together and had an impromptu shoot with my youngest daughter. It seriously lasted 5 minutes, because taking pictures "is boring" according to her. Probably best, since she was covered in dirt from playing. But here are the results.

Keep in mind, I'm new at studio and I have some things to learn about setup of backdrops and such, but I am pretty pleased with how it all turned out. I used Photoshop to smooth skin and brighten it, remove dirt, brighten her eyes and fix the wrinkly backdrop. Once I experiment and get comfortable with this it will become available to all clients. This will help on days that are not so cooperative when it comes to the weather.

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